Code_Saturne is the EDF's general purpose Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software.

The basic capabilities of Code_Saturne enable the handling of either incompressible or expandable flows with or without heat transfer and turbulence. Dedicated modules are available for specific physics such as radiative heat transfer, combustion (gas, coal, heavy fuel oil, ...), magneto-hydrodynamics, compressible flows, two-phase flows (Euler-Lagrange approach with two-way coupling), or atmospheric flows.


Code_Saturne is an open source CFD software, developed by EDF and distributed under the GNU GPL livence since 2007. It is used by more than 500 engineers and researchers all around the world, and about another one hundred engineers working for the EDF company. It is used by EDF in many applications, ranging from nuclear safety to the future energy mix. It is also a reference software in the PRACE European project.

Code_saturne is a Navier-Stokes equations solver. It can be used in a large range of applications, including steady or unsteady, laminar or turbulent, isothermal or not, incompressible or weakly dilatable flows, in both 2D, 2D-axisymmetric and 3D cases. Scalar transport is also possible.

It includes several turbulence models, such as the so-called Reynolds-Averaged or the Large-Eddy Simulation ones. In addition, it deals with specific physical models for example:

      • gas, coal and heavy-fuel oil combustions,
      • semi-transparent radiative transfer,
      • particle-tracking with lagrangian modelling,
      • joule effect,
      • electrics arcs,
      • weakly compressible flows,
      • atmospheric flows,
      • rotor/stator interaction for hydraulic machines.

      Code_Saturne is based on a co-located Finite Volume approach, that accepts meshes composed by cells of any type (tetrahedrons, hexahedrons, prisms,pyramids, polyhedrons, ...) and grid structures of any type (unstructured, block structured, hybrid, conforming or with hanging nodes, ...).

      Coupling of Code_saturne to other codes is possible including itself (rotor/stator interactions, RANS/LES coupling, ...). for instance, conjugate heat transfer can be accounted using the thermal code SYRTHES, and fluid-structure interactions can be modelled by coupling Code_Saturne to the structural analysis software Code_Aster through the Salome platform.

      To quote Code_Saturne:

      « Code_Saturne : a Finite Volume Code for the Computation of Turbulent Incompressible Flows - Industrial Applications, International Journal on Finite Volumes, Vol. 1, 2004. »

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