From Code_Saturne version 2.0, the release schedule changes.

A stable version, under Quality Assurance, every 2 years with an extended life-time of 2 years : version number 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, ...

Intermediate versions, partially validated, every 6 months : version number 3.1, 3.2 et 3.3 for the 3.x series

Corrective versions when necessary : 3.0.1, 3.0.2, ... , 3.3.1, 3.3.2, ...

Intermediate release Code_Saturne version 3.3.2:

Stable release Code_Saturne version 3.0.5 (long-term support):

Code_Saturne 3.0 is a stable, validated version, declared fit for industrial use in the framework of the EDF R&D Quality Assurance system. See the NEWS file for features. The 3.0.5 is a corrective version over the 3.0 series.

To install this version, the user can refer to the installation guide provided on the web site, or use the automatic installer.

Coupling with SYRTHES:

It is also possible to couple Code_Saturne and the solid thermal code SYRTHES.

Additional libraries (external links):
These links are provided for information. Most of these libraries are available directly in compiled form through the package managers of the Linux distributions. It is strongly advised to use these compiled packages.

  • Libxml2 (compulsory for GUI)
  • Qt (compulsory for GUI)
  • Python (compulsory for GUI)
  • Metis (recommended for parallel computing)
  • CGNS (compulsory for CGNS format pre- or post-processing)
  • MED (compulsory for CGNS format pre- or post-processing, available on SALOME website)
  • HDF5 (compulsory for CGNS format pre- or post-processing)
  • Open MPI (one type of MPI library compulsory for parallel computing)
  • MPICH2 (one type of MPI library compulsory for parallel computing)



The PDF files as well as the source files used to generate them are distributed with the source code.

You can download it on the web site:

Useful links

Access to the forum

Concerning Code_Saturne and CFD
TWiki de l'Université de Manchester (UK)
Collaborative website dedicated to Code_Saturne and to CFD
TWiki CFD :
TWiki Code_Saturne :

Large CFD database of validation test cases from the European Research Community on Flow, Turbulence and Combustion, administered by the University of Manchester.
Access is free (registration needed for internal feedback on database usage)

Concerning code coupling
EDF's software for transient thermal simulations in complex solid geometries (GPL licence)
SYRTHES can be directly coupled to Code_Saturne.

SALOME platform
Integrated platform for numerical simulation: CAD, meshing, code coupling, visualisation (GPL licence)

EDF's software for structure mechanics analysis (GPL licence)
Code_Aster can be coupled to Code_Saturne through the SALOME platform (prototype)

Miscellaneous utilities
Free software for parallel visualisation

Free software for graphical analysis and parallel visualisation

Free software for CAD and meshing

Other links
GNU Operating System
GNU licences and Free Software Foundation